Do you love music? Regardless of how you are involved in music, consider dedicating one room in your home, as a music room. Such a room could be an unused room in your home, or you could even construct a new one. In either case, the room will be 100% dedicated to music. In your music room, you could write music, practice it, or just listen to it. Here are some steps to help you design your music room:

1. Remember to add the proper lighting 
If you want to use your music room for relaxation music, classical music, etc., then make sure that the lighting in your music room is soft. However, you should consider red lighting if you are in a rock band. Red is a color of aggression, so such lighting would match well with the nature of band.

2. Add lamps and plants 
Such items will help the room to appear lighter. If you want to adhere truly to a music motif, then search for musical lampshades, such as those with music notes on them. Choose plants with bright flowers, to enhance further the artistic environment of the music room. However, make sure the lampshades and vases are clear of any mobileparts of musical instruments.

3. Add music decor 
This could include items such as music metal wall art. Such art is available in a variety of forms, such as treble clefs, bass clefs, musical notes, and so on. Another option is to include musical posters, such as those of singers, bands, and concerts. The decor will add to the musical motif of the room.

4. Ensure that the music room has a window 
This is important, to allow visual stimulation to complement the sweet sounds of music. Make sure that the window has a relaxing view, such as that of a garden, skyline, or beach.

5. Position furniture based on your use of the room 
If you are using the music room for band practice, then place all huge equipment on the perimeter of the room, so you can practice in the center of it. Meanwhile, if you want to use the room to chill outand play your guitar or kazoo, then position a chair near the window.

6. Add your own flavor to the walls 
Besides music metal wall art, add various types of personal music items to the wall. That could include album covers and guitars.

7. Include furniture that will help visitors to relax in your music room 
One of the most important uses of music is to calm our minds and bodies. Create an aura of relaxation by adding furniture that will encourage such an environment. That could include chairs, couches, and tables. Whether your visitors are there for a jam session or to listen to a CD, make the seating as comfy as possible!

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