Love is a universal emotion. People want to find their own true love and live a life that is full of happiness and contentment.

According to surveys, most people say they would like to marry someday. The primary path towards marriage is dating and courtship. In the United States, 53% of all respondents to surveys have even said they have dated more than one person at a time.

However, even if dating is crucial, that does not always mean it is easy. One problem is that many young men have a fear of rejection. It is important to overcome this fear, so here are five ways to help you do so and actually have fun.

  1. Add some sparkle to your personality

According to statistical reports, almost 30% of females in the United States who are engaged in dating have said that the most important attribute they looking for in a guy is personality. Not looks, not big muscles, not a macho attitude. Personality.

So don’t worry about looking like a movie star. Concentrate instead on projecting a positive impression through self-confidence, a good sense of humor and your ability to carry the conversation.

  1. Be cool

always project an air of self-confidence, (but not arrogance). The worse thing to do is appear to be desperate for a date. Project the impression that you’re asking a girl for a date because you like her, not because you’re desperate for a partner.

  1. Don’t worry about rejection

Remember that even those who think they have the best car, good looks and a dazzling personality, can be rejected. Everyone must face rejection at some time or another.

Reflect on the cause of why she might reject you, but do not dwell on it endlessly. Learn from experience and move on.

  1. Consider the ‘no’ of the girl

Do not assume that a girl says knows simply because she does not like you. She may simply not be able to go out on the night you asked her for. Maybe she is already accounted for. Simply move on to someone else.

The problem is that many guys take it too personally when the girl says no. It is far better to analyze the situation calmly and dispassionately.

  1. Be casual

Give the girl a good idea where you intend to go when he ask her for a date. The girl may be thinking “ballroom dancing” when in reality you have in mind bowling or pizza and a trip to the movies. “Dating” can seem heavy and intimidating if you use that word instead say something like, how would you like to join me for pizza at Giordano’s end a trip to see that new blockbuster at the Art theater? My treat!


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