Are you too busy to clean your home? Many of us procrastinate doing chores around our homes. Sometimes we feel exhausted. Other times we feel lazy. However, arguably our most common objection to cleaning is that we simply do not have enough time. Nevertheless, we must get it done. Bits of hair follicles, skin follicles and dust can build up over time, which can pose negative effects on our health. Here are some tips to make cleaning less of a chore:

1. Take a top-down approach to cleaning each floor 
You should use this approach in terms of the floors of your home. Start with the top storey of your home and then work your way downwards. If there is one floor, then start from the perimeter and then work towards the center of the floor. This will help to prevent tracking dirt onto carpets that you have just finished vacuuming. Taking this logical approach to cleaning will make your cleaning routine more efficient.

2. Take a top-down approach to cleaning individual rooms 
It is important to take a methodical approach to cleaning each room. Start with the walls. Wipe down the walls and then clean any wall decor, such as music note wall hangings. Next, dust and varnish all of the furniture in the room, starting with the tallest furniture and ending with the lowest pieces. The last step is to either mop or vacuum the floor, depending on whether you have a hard floor or a carpeted floor. Scrambling the order could result in a repetition of tasks. For instance, by vacuuming the floor first, you would have to vacuum it again after cleaning the rest of the room.

3. Follow specific techniques to remove rust from wrought iron wall art 
When cleaning your home, it is important to dust your wall art. If certain pieces require major cleaning, then follow certain procedures. To remove rust from your pieces, simply use a wool pad made of steel, and some turpentine or kerosene. After adding the liquid to the pad, rub it onto the rusty areas of the wall art. You may need to use some

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