10 Art Tips and Tricks


You don’t have to be a genius or as talented as Leonardo Da Vinci in order to make amazing works of art. If there’s one thing everyone-and I mean EVERYONE is capable of, that is; ART! Often I hear people saying “I wish I can draw” or “I wish I can paint” when in reality you can!… you’re probably just unmotivated or too lazy to learn, or perhaps you give up too easily!

Luckily for you, I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks, to equip you with your journey into becoming a better artist!

  1. Doodle as if Your Life Depends on It

Carry a sketch book with you everywhere. Make random scribbles and try to draw every day when you’re bored, listening to music or even if you’re in a long conversation on the phone. Take a pen and a small notebook along to meetings, outings or in the office.

Doodling can be regarded as your artistic side expressing itself while your mind is occupied elsewhere. The symbols or objects you create when doodling vary from person to person and interpreting them can be quite fun!

  1. Create a Stimulating Environment

Put up as many visually stimulating items as

8 Music Mixing Tips To Be An Awesome Audio Engineer!


Today, anyone with a laptop and a few recording microphones has all the tools they need to record, produce, and mix music and create their own recording studio. The home recording studio revolution is here. But with the ever increasing (and often overwhelming) choices of EQs, compressors and load of other plugins, how do we put them together to make a great sounding mix? With increasing demands on sound quality, audio engineering is essential to get your track to stand out from the masses. Here are some tips to help you improve in your mixing process.

1) Are your ingredients fresh?

Making a fresh dish is impossible without fresh ingredients. Likewise, in audio engineering, if you start out with badly recorded tracks containing hiss, phasing problems, room reflections, you are going to have a harder time trying to make anything sound good. So rule of thumb, rather than pulling your hair out when it’s too late, record your audio well. Use a good recording microphone. Record in a soundproof room and do the relevant acoustic treatment if you can. Otherwise, record somewhere else if you need to. Turn off that noisy air-con. DO NOT

6 Tips to Boost Your Creative Flow


When surfing the net for tips on writing, I came across many articles and sites giving valid and useful tips on how to write a story that will sell – to editors, to agents, and so forth. However, for me as a creative and a highly sensitive person, much of the advice went against the grain.

For instance, the very first article I read explained how to write a proposal and approach literary agents without ever having done any writing whatsoever. Only when a buying party was attracted, the book would be written, almost as an afterthought. Now you may call me naive, but to me as a creative person this seems like the world turned upside down.

Yes, as a writer I want to be read, so of course I want to sell my books. But they have to be my words, my stories, not the stories I think agents and sales managers are going to like because they think they can sell them.

When you are writing to sell, you should probably skip this article. When you are like me and are writing from the heart, writing because you have stories to tell, you may

A Few Friendly Tips to Help You on Your Way

When I started out in music production, I wished that I could have someone that could answer all the questions I had and explain everything and expand my knowledge in the areas I was lacking. The problem is that the whole area of music production is huge, not to mention most people have their own unique way of doing things. I am now going to give you some pieces of advice that are important in your success and will help you to pave a path to a professional music production. Producers widely accept the following as “rules” within music production.

Do not mix for too long; let your ears rest – It is important to take breaks during mixing. For each hour you are mixing a track allow a twenty minutes break. This can be quite hard if you are doing computer music production, as the computer you will be mixing on will no doubt be in the room you spend most of your time. Now. Nobody really sticks to this break-time formula as regular clockwork but it is something to aim for and maybe let this time overlap slightly. I would say to take a break sooner if you are working

Canvas Wall Art Tips To Consider Before You Buy A Painting

Knowing how to buy canvas wall art will make your room look better and add value to your artwork. Paintings add a personal touch to a room because it reflects your taste. You don’t just decorate with art, you also show a part of your character.

Each person has different personalities, hence will have various tastes in decor and paintings. When choosing artwork, the first thing you have to consider is your personal taste before you think of how much it will cost or how it will look on your wall. It is important that you buy artwork that you will enjoy looking at for a long time.

Of course expensive classic paintings created by masters are beautiful, but they are not for everyone. Today’s modern lifestyle has created a new niche in the art market. Contemporary paintings are now in demand more than ever because they complement today’s modern homes.

When choosing artwork is also important to consider your furniture style and color theme. Although you may love a particular painting but if the colors won’t match with your room’s color theme it won’t look as great ones it is hung on your wall. Your other option is to repaint your room

Tips for Attending Art School

Here are some tips that will help you survive and thrive during your art school adventure.

Make the most of your education

Attend every art class, and be on time. Keep your nose to the grindstone and do the best work you can do. Don’t wait till the last minute to do homework assignments. You are building the foundation upon which the rest of your life will be built. Make it a solid one! Be sure to get plenty of sleep. Get to bed early on school days and let your hair down on the weekends.

Be unique

Push your creative boundaries. Be careful not to plagiarize or reproduce anyone else’s work. Don’t be afraid of using up your creativity. The more work you produce, the more creative you will become.

Your portfolio

Always be thinking about building your portfolio. Work on each assignment as if it will end up in your portfolio. Push yourself to be the best you can be and don’t settle for mediocrity. Try to make each piece better than the last.

Purchased used textbooks if you can

Textbooks are one of the most expensive purchases you will make while in art school. Buy used textbooks if you can, as they are much less

Tips and Tricks Found in Acting Books

For the last three years I have been reviewing books on acting for a drama weekly. However, I haven’t yet found a book on acting that compares to real acting experience. Now, I’m not saying that acting books are worthless because they have their place. These books contain an almost encyclopedic discussion of various acting methodologies and approaches. These books also can also provide useful contact information that might take a while to find on your own. Nevertheless, a book on acting cannot take the place of a good acting course.Acting books can help you to take your first steps into the world of acting. After that, it is all up to you. You can study all of the books on acting that you want, and try out every acting technique known to man on your own, but they are worthless if you can not use them to impress a director. Acting may require a lot of methodology, but the methodology is not the point. Acting is about figuring out what you want to do and finding ways to do it. Some professional actors know so many techniques that they write acting books on their own, but others know very

7 Tips For Starting Your Painting Art Journal

Your painting art journal is a powerful way to jump-start your future painting projects. Consider the following tips to get started.

  1. Obtain an 8 1/2 x 11 size hard cover sketchbook. Of course, you could make your own journal, but that is for another discussion. Why keep a journal? It is important to maintain a journal to record important ideas that you receive. If not those great ideas will fly out of your mind as quickly as you receive them. Therefore, Keep your journal with you at all times.
  2. Use zip lock or similar pint sized storage bags.

These bags will contain small clip files. Keep images in these bags that can be drawn on for inspiration and included in your painting. Also, keep a sharpie pen to write on the zip lock bag to record its contents.

Get a glue stick to paste some of these image ideas into your journal with notes stating the possible uses of the images. Try recording your notes with color. This will give you a good visual record of the direction that you planning to go in.

  1. Write your thoughts about your painting ideas into your journal.
    Your thoughts are in addition to the notes you have

5 Tips on How to Overcome Fear of Rejection

Love is a universal emotion. People want to find their own true love and live a life that is full of happiness and contentment.

According to surveys, most people say they would like to marry someday. The primary path towards marriage is dating and courtship. In the United States, 53% of all respondents to surveys have even said they have dated more than one person at a time.

However, even if dating is crucial, that does not always mean it is easy. One problem is that many young men have a fear of rejection. It is important to overcome this fear, so here are five ways to help you do so and actually have fun.

  1. Add some sparkle to your personality

According to statistical reports, almost 30% of females in the United States who are engaged in dating have said that the most important attribute they looking for in a guy is personality. Not looks, not big muscles, not a macho attitude. Personality.

So don’t worry about looking like a movie star. Concentrate instead on projecting a positive impression through self-confidence, a good sense of humor and your ability to carry the conversation.

  1. Be cool

always project an air of self-confidence, (but not arrogance). The worse

Tips to Attract Women That Really Work

I’m sure men all around the world reading this article would be eagerly anticipating some magical tips to attract women that are going to get them closer to the ladies and ensure that they get them when they want them! However, let me tell you right here that I am no magician, and can only help you if you are willing to help yourself. The magic, so to speak, lies within you.The first of the major tips to attract women is to consciously make efforts to know what kind of a person she is. Very often, it so happens that even men who are genuinely interested in a relationship come off too hard and seem like they are only interested in the physical part. And this is why I am insisting that you need to show her that you want to know more. Ask about her hobbies, her favorite movies, what is her job like, how does she spend her free time. Not only will this give you some input on what kind of an individual she really is, you would also make a favorable impression, a win-win situation.

Next, you really need to be someone she wants to know more

Tips About Decorating Your Home Theatre On A Tight Budget

If you are fortunate enough to be building a space in your home that is dedicated to the intention of watching movies or as being a home theater it only makes sense that you would like to decorate the room in a way that is completely befitting of its purpose. You can find amazing options available within this growing market of decorating and customarily, there are prices that are designed to match. The good thing is that while art often imitates life, there is absolutely no reason that we can’t imitate a few of the great art we see within the movies or on televisions shows inside our homes-at a fraction of the cost.

First of all, a really good home theater is an investment, particularly those that are generally used in private rooms. With that being said you will want to decorate your room in ways that will not distract from your movie watching experience. There are several ways you can do this and many of them come at rather hefty costs for your average consumer. You do not have to acquire special lighting at $500 a pop when it’s possible to go to your local lighting or home improvement

Ten Tips For Acting

You can improve your acting, dramatically on your own, or with a friend, by doing some simple, easy-to-do-things, and they won’t cost you a thing. First and most importantly:

* Consonants – Learn to speak clearly. Practise your consonants. That is the single most important and dramatic way to improve your acting ability. Enunciating clearly does not just reflect the language of newscasters and aristocrats. it allows a person to transcend their local unintelligible dialects. Dropping consonants is a casualty of daily interaction, lazy shorthand with friends, family and colleagues. Consonants give shape to the emotional resonance of vowel sounds. Vowel sounds coming from the actor suggests the feeling inside and consonants let the audience know what that feeling is. Consonants are like the frame of the house. They give it shape. Learn to exaggerate those consonants.

It may sound highly unnatural at first, but after a while, it will become more natural, and will become a ready-to-use and important tool in landing roles. You should practise hitting the consonants in the middle and ends of words. Playing spaces can vary in kindness to the ear. For instance, the sound in the theater might not travel. It might reverberate. It might be

4 Sizzling Tips to Clean Your Home and Music Note Wall Hangings Faster

Are you too busy to clean your home? Many of us procrastinate doing chores around our homes. Sometimes we feel exhausted. Other times we feel lazy. However, arguably our most common objection to cleaning is that we simply do not have enough time. Nevertheless, we must get it done. Bits of hair follicles, skin follicles and dust can build up over time, which can pose negative effects on our health. Here are some tips to make cleaning less of a chore:

1. Take a top-down approach to cleaning each floor 
You should use this approach in terms of the floors of your home. Start with the top storey of your home and then work your way downwards. If there is one floor, then start from the perimeter and then work towards the center of the floor. This will help to prevent tracking dirt onto carpets that you have just finished vacuuming. Taking this logical approach to cleaning will make your cleaning routine more efficient.

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Great Wall of Decor and Art

Many people take wall art and decor for granted, probably because they do not know the things that these wonderful pieces of decorative ornaments can do for their homes. Some people may not be aware that an exquisite wall art can transform a dull room into something that exudes elegance and style. The truth is, hanging something in your home is one of the best ways of brightening up and giving life to any space in your house.

There are many great ideas and tips on how to decorate creatively with wall art. To help you get started, here are some of them:

1. Know your options 
Wall art comes in a wide variety of kinds, styles and materials. Some of your options include photographs, paintings, and sculptures.

– Sculptures — two-dimensional sculptures are great to use as wall decors. When choosing

7 Simple Steps to Create a Music Room With Music Metal Wall Art

Do you love music? Regardless of how you are involved in music, consider dedicating one room in your home, as a music room. Such a room could be an unused room in your home, or you could even construct a new one. In either case, the room will be 100% dedicated to music. In your music room, you could write music, practice it, or just listen to it. Here are some steps to help you design your music room:

1. Remember to add the proper lighting 
If you want to use your music room for relaxation music, classical music, etc., then make sure that the lighting in your music room is soft. However, you should consider red lighting if you are in a rock band. Red is a color of aggression, so such lighting would match well with the nature of band.

2. Add lamps and plants 
Such items will help the room to appear

3 Tips To Have Great Shows Every Time You Step On The Stage

If you want to move your music career forward in fast motion then you must master the art of the live performance. The most successful music artists have a great live show. If you want proof, just check out the Grammy Awards. The best performances are memorable and keep you excited long after the artist has left the stage.

So how to you master the art of the live show? I have put together 3 tips most successful live performers have in common. I have also personally used these 3 methods in my career to become a better performer.

Here are the 3 tips:

1. Visualize the performance from start to finish

2. Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse

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How to Write Better Music by Starting at the Bottom

Where do you begin building your songs? Do you start with the rhythm and bass end, know as bottom up songwriting? Or do you start with the lyrics or melody, which is called top down songwriting? Maybe you begin somewhere in the middle with chords.There is no right or wrong place to begin. In the end, the song is likely to end up incorporating rhythm, bass, chords, melody, and lyrics (though not every one of elements needs to be present to constitute a complete song). Regardless of which elements eventually end up in the finished product, you can start out anywhere you choose.

Where you decide to begin will often have a very real impact on how the song ends up. A song that begins with a drum loop will inevitably end up differently than a song that begins as a whistled melody.

This presents a fantastic opportunity. Try mixing it up. Taking yourself out of your routine can speedily unblock a stagnant writing process. You can quickly find yourself with a lot more songs in your arsenal and greater variety to boot.

If, for instance, you usually start your songs with the melody, next time try starting with a drum beat. If

5 Tips to Setting Recording Levels For Music Production

Recording levels are of the utmost importance when you are producing your music. This pertains to the level for the racks or the mixes. There has always been a common answer for this being to set the level at max just below the digital zero. Referring to the top of the meter. Unfortunately, many of the experts will most likely tell you this is wrong.One of the things you may want to keep in mind with this industry is not to believe everything you hear. (No pun intended). There are those in the industry that will tell you anything in order to get you to buy their wares. Anyone that has been in the computer music realm will tell you that digital audio has just gotten to the point where sound quality is acceptable.

Remember one basic factor about your quest of composing music and that is the purpose of recording sound. Which is of course so we can listen and enjoy it. You need to learn and be able to determine what parts of the music must be louder than others. For example, a pop ballad should be lower on track than a thrash metal. A guitar solo should be

8 Killer Tips to Be Excellent in Karaoke

No matter where you are around the world, whenever you are in a karaoke bar there are a select group of people that get up and wow the crowd. So what are the secret tips you need to become the star of the show?

1. Choose your song wisely 
Many people choose a karaoke track that is very popular or one that will win over the crowd however is that the best way to choose your karaoke track? Choosing a track which you love rather than what you think the audience will enjoy will produce vastly different results.

2. Discover your “banquet song” 
In Hong Kong it’s known as your “banquet song”, in Japan it’s your Juhachiban, but it all means one thing; your signature karaoke track. Having one karaoke track that you know well, and fits your vocal range is the perfect way to truly shine on stage.

3. Know your boundaries

Whether it you are just beginning out in karaoke, or have spent a number of years at your favourite club, the best tip is know and understand your boundaries. By knowing your boundaries on karaoke tracks and originally staying within your scope will give you the confidence to achieve

Tips For Finding Music School

Get into music. It can lead to improve creative thinking, better math skills, and greater interest in the performing arts. Boost your confidence, and also encourage you to discipline. Music schools are also a great way to expand your creativity. However, finding a good school isn’t easy. Since they do not advertise like other organizations. The question is how can you find an excellent school for you?


Online searches have many benefits, but the down side is that not all music schools advertise online or have a web page. You might miss out on a great one if you limit your research to the Internet.

Try with Your Local University

Call the music department of your local college. And ask if they offer any kind of music education for children